The Laser Cap

The Laser Device uses the most powerful diode lasers indicated for the hair loss condition known as Androgenetic Alopecia.

The independent lasers are located in a sealed semicircle module which utilises a lithium battery power supply and can be inserted into any hat/cap. So easy to carry, it is just like wearing a normal cap/hat. This portable device can be used at home or you can wear it during your daily work without disrupting our routine.

Lasers are working under your cap while you go about your activities, striving to improve your hair quality and restore your thinning hair. The device compliments any form of medical treatment for hair loss as well.


1. Place the laser device inside the sports cap.
Connect the cable to the laser device. Make sure the cable cord connected well with device. The USB cable connector is designed to only go into the device one way with indicator arrow. If you notice the connector is not inserting, please check to ensure that it is not upside down. No need to push it too hard for correct insertion. Swivel the cable locker until the two cables are locked.

2. Connect USB cable with battery.

3. Place the laser device onto your head and press the power button on the battery pack. The blue indicator lights on the battery now shows that the device is in an active mode and is delivering the laser irradiation. The laser device starts and finishes with beeps indicator. After 7 minutes treatment, the device will automatically turn off.

4. As the battery power diminishes, the lights on the battery pack will disappear in sequence to indicate the status of the battery. When battery first light flashing or helmet continue beeps means the battery need to be charged. Please use the device as directed.

Please use the device for 7 minutes every day or directed by your physician.

Do not look directly at the laser light as this may cause harm to your eyes. It is a normal phenomenon that your scalp becomes warm during usage of the device.

Battery Charging
Connect the charger and battery to start charging. The battery should be charged by the attached plug. The battery fully charged time is about 8 hours.

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Laser Treatments

Discrete Hair Studio offer hair loss laser treatment in Bedfordshire to facilitate the growth of hair by stimulating hair follicle growth through increased blood flow in the affected areas.

Laser hair loss treatment is most effective during the early onset of hair loss, particularly within the first 1-6 years. For best results, we recommend a 6-month plan of action with many clients exhibiting improvements after just 6 weeks into therapy.


Discrete Hair Studio create hair systems for men, women and children using a non-surgical approach to resolve the challenges countless people face with hair loss.

Our hair units are constructed from human not synthetic hair, in European or Asian styles, and are specifically shaped and styled to meet individual client’s wishes and expectations.

Client Testimonials

  • “I have been visiting Alex for the past 3 years and I’m very satisfied with her professional attitude and expertise in her job. Keep up the good work. 10/10!”


  • “Hair integration has literally changed my life. I used to hate having my photograph taken and always stood at the back.” 


  • “Thank you sooo much for doing my hair this morning. I’m very pleased with the new style. Will definitely be back to see you.”