Hair Loss Specialists Catering for Clients in Northampton

Discrete Hair Studio are hair loss specialists providing and fitting hair units for clients in Northampton, Northamptonshire. We offer hair units in many styles and colours for men, women and juniors either challenged by various forms of hair loss or who are looking for that ‘new look’.

Call DHS on 01234 325 730 or 07483 982 489 to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

At Discrete Hair Studio we recognise that it is often difficult for people looking for a hair loss solution to take the first step in addressing the issue, the initial consultation. Which is why our studio is located discreetly behind an unmarked door. In fact, the only branding we employ is that on our stylists’ tunics and on the DHS hair care product range.


Laser Treatments

Discrete Hair Studio offer hair loss laser treatment in Bedfordshire to facilitate the growth of hair by stimulating hair follicle growth through increased blood flow in the affected areas.

Laser hair loss treatment is most effective during the early onset of hair loss, particularly within the first 1-6 years. For best results, we recommend a 6-month plan of action with many clients exhibiting improvements after just 6 weeks into therapy.


Discrete Hair Studio create hair systems for men, women and children using a non-surgical approach to resolve the challenges countless people face with hair loss.

Our hair units are constructed from human not synthetic hair, in European or Asian styles, and are specifically shaped and styled to meet individual client’s wishes and expectations.

Hair Extensions

One of the most popular ways for you to alter the length and/or the body to your hair is use hair extensions.

Pre-bonded hair extensions are a natural looking solution that can be performed by your hairdresser. Before you let your hairdresser put their hands on your hair here are few facts about the process of getting hair extensions.

Hair Units, Hair Pieces, Hair Systems and Laser Hair Treatment to Remedy Hair Loss

Hair units have increased in popularity over the past few years as the techniques, technology and quality of hair units has matured, notably with younger fashion conscious Asian men who, quite apart from wishing to manage hair loss, are seeking more trendy, popular looks from a hair piece.

At Discrete Hair Studio we understand the stigma associated with hair loss. Sometimes it can be extremely daunting for those with a hair challenge to summon the courage to do something about it.

Our studio is a discreet basement business without fanfare, logo or business identity on the door. We do understand how difficult it can be for individuals to decide to do something about their personal challenges.

Apart from fitting clients with hair systems, DHS have a dedicated laser hair treatment clinic featuring one of the most sophisticated and effective treatments available in the UK: pulsed wave LLLT regeneration.

Laser hair treatment is extremely effective when signs of hair loss are noticed at an early stage because hair follicles and blood supply around the affected regions are more responsive to regrowth treatment.

Client Testimonials

  • “I have been visiting Alex for the past 3 years and I’m very satisfied with her professional attitude and expertise in her job. Keep up the good work. 10/10!”


  • “Hair integration has literally changed my life. I used to hate having my photograph taken and always stood at the back.” 


  • “Thank you sooo much for doing my hair this morning. I’m very pleased with the new style. Will definitely be back to see you.”